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After a little over a week in India, it finally seems like we are starting to get somewhere with our video project. On the one hand, we’ve gotten a lot of good footage of the various ministries here but on the other, we haven’t been able to start actually setting up film shoots and capturing critical footage. This has been in large part due to our struggle to say “no” on the mission field.

Not realizing the amount of time that we would need for filming, Pastor Mekela scheduled our time quite fully. Since any other mission trip we’ve ever taken has consisted of showing up and helping the ministry in whatever way we could, it was hard to break out of this mindset. We love to preach, pray for people, minister, attend church services and play with the orphans, but we had to remind ourselves that as important as all of these things are, they are not the ultimate reason that we came. We want to be of help to the ministries we are serving in whatever ways possible, but our primary goal is to tell compelling missionary stories. We are here to capture Pastor Mekela’s story on film and to communicate it with the world through our film.

With precious time slipping away and very little getting done, we finally had to force ourselves to do what we dreaded doing, namely, saying no to opportunities that we would otherwise love to take. Brian did a good job of tactfully explaining that we if went to everything they had planned for us, we would not be able to accomplish what we came to do. Last night was particularly hard because we scheduled a planning meeting and then found out that the village had already prepared food for our entire team. Since only some of us were going, they were going to have extra food. This was something that was very hard to do but if we didn’t carry on with our planning, we wouldn’t have been prepared for the intensive shooting that we have to do over the next couple of days.

Right now we are in the Sumo on our way to our first full day of shooting. Today we are interviewing Pastor Mekela in his hometown and hoping to capture the footage that will be foundational to our film. We’re a little behind the schedule that we’ve never defined but happy with the footage we’ve captured so far and optimistic about our final week of filming here!

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It is surreal. It is unbelievable. It is hard to imagine. We are actually on our way to India! We’re living the dream that God gave us and I could not be more excited! Sure, I’m a bit apprehensive but also confident that everything will work out. Our equipment is new, our team is newly formed and we are new to the whole realm of documentary films. The same God who led us here will give us the strength to do what we came to do.

Now that we are on the first leg of our flights, our next task is absolutely crazy. We are going to get off the plane for our layover in New York and make a taxi run to B&H Photo to get some of the final equipment that we need. Our layover is shorter than we originally believed, at a mere four and half hours. Its a pretty risky move but we need the stuff that we are going there to get. This trip is going to be an amazing but crazy adventure, I can tell already!

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