I’m sitting in one of the most appropriate places to reflect on the power and influence of writing; under the shadow of two of the greatest writers of the last century, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Overjoyed to find an empty table in the Rabbit Room at The Eagle & Child, I am enjoying a cup of tea and reveling in this place.

The Inklings, as Lewis, Tolkien and a few other fellow writers called themselves, used to meet here in this very room to discuss their philosophical and literary interests. The history of this place extends much further back, however, to 1650 when The Eagle & Child was first known as a public house. It is remarkable to be surrounded by so much history here in Oxford!

One of the things that I believe made C.S. Lewis such an influential theological writer was that he was not first and foremost a theologian. Encountering his conversion and theological interests later in life, Lewis approached his thoughts on Christianity from his literary background. The uniqueness of his resulting perspective has reverberated around the church ever since his Christian writings began to circulate.

I hope to learn from Lewis’ example what it takes to understand and share my faith, in particular through writing, from a unique and personalized point of view.

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  1. Hey, Andy, I’m jealous!
    Thanks for sharing this new blog. I will look forward to reading everything that is going on. Neat to hear how God is using you.

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