Where the Surf Takes You

Reflections, Travel

We are familiar with the expression “You have to go where the wind takes you.” This is a sailing metaphor which as a sailboat owner I can confirm makes a lot of sense. You may have a destination in mind but your not going to be able to go directly to it under wind power. When you set out to go sailing you don’t really know what kind of route it will take to get to your destination. The wind determines that and the wind changes.

The other day while enjoying the waves at Juan Dolio beach in the Dominican Republic I realized that this metaphor also applies to the surf. When you step into the ocean you agree to go where the surf takes you. You can fight the waves but as one wave after another pushes you around you realize that you have entered into a force far larger and more powerful than yourself.

Jet-Setting With the All You Can Jet Pass

Reflections, Travel

I have begun a journey that over the next few weeks will take me to many exotic places. How is this possible? I’m glad you asked. The story begins in mid-August when I began to realize that even though I was finished with school I was still staying too busy and not making any progress toward my goals. It seemed that my stressful and chaotic approach to life in seminary had carried over into the rest of my life even though I no longer needed to study.

Wondering how to break out of this cycle and to begin writing again, which has a lot to do with what I hope to do in the next season of life, I began to brainstorm. On Monday morning of August 16th, I was reading the USA Today on my iPhone and noticed that Jet Blue was offering their “All You Can Jet Pass” for the second consecutive year.