Launching the Blog … Again

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I feel like my blog has become a series of posts about how I am back to writing with many moons transpired between them. Here we go again. Why am I such an inconsistent writer? The answer is both simple and complicated.

The simple answer is that I tend to focus on projects in cycles. Traveling always stimulates my writing but I hardly take the time to record insights from day to day life. Consistency with blogging is key and this is certainly not my strength.The more complicated answer is that I have succumbed to what I call “strategic perfectionism.” I am always thinking up strategies for how to do things better. This prevents me from seeing the value in working with my current setup.

For example, last year I spent months completely redesigning my blog. I had decided that maintaining a self-hosted blog was the way to go since it offered me the most flexible design and layout options. About the time that I finished the six month redesign I realized that for the sake of traffic and engagement I should join This killed my blogging momentum and just shy of a year later I am finally setup with a theme that I love and in a blogging community that is among the most well-visited in the world.

So this is hello You’ll be hearing more from me and I am excited to discover other writers, travelers and social entrepreneurs within the community here!

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