A Flight to Remember


There are a few moments in life where your experience collides with your interests, making you feel like it is a great time to be alive. Flying over Uganda this past week on our way to South Sudan provided one of these moments. Here’s what I wrote in my Field Notes shortly after we took off.

“I am so happy right now. I’m on an adventure and nothing makes me feel more alive than experiences like this. I am presently on an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) flight from Entebbe, Uganda to Nimule, South Sudan. We are on a small 12 passenger plane. The seats are covered with a tough canvas and the controls look vintage but capable.

Taking off over Lake Victoria was a treat. It is such a beautiful lake! The Ugandan countryside is so green. The only brown you see anywhere is from the dirt roads carved out between the villages.

There were a lot of nerves among some of the women as we were preparing to take off. Everyone seems fine now and this been a very pleasant flight. I’m loving this adventure!”

Flying over the Nile River in Uganda

Later as we flew over the Nile I was inspired to write down, “We just crossed over the Nile and it was glorious from the air. It winds and turns under the partial shade of the clouds from that vantage point. Converging with Lake Kwania it then winds around as it empties back into the long stretch of river that doesn’t stop until it meets the Mediterranean.”

Landing on a dirt runway in Nimule commenced our adventures in South Sudan. Next stop, the Cornerstone Children’s Home.

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