A Well Traveled Man

Travel is in my blood and there’s rarely a day when some thought of where I want to go next is not passing through my mind. I fell in love with travel as a college student. The four trips that we took abroad for our studies ignited a desire to see as much of the world as possible and to learn to view life through a global perspective.

A few years ago my sister started a blog called A Well Traveled Woman. Like me, she inherited a love for travel from our lovely mother and we have shared many adventures together. Watching her share the travel-themed inspiration that she found on the web through Tumblr motivated me to do the same.

I realize that calling my blog A Well Traveled Man is a blatant imitation of my younger, and much more internet popular sister, but she calls me the inspiration for her travels. Likewise she inspired me to share my love for travel on Tumblr so I think it makes for a great collaboration.

Being well traveled is not about how many places that you go. It is about living life with the wonder of a traveler and making the most of opportunities to see new places. Most importantly, being well traveled is about doing good, using our travels as a way to make a difference in the world.

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A Well Traveled Man