Although professional bloggers recommend topic-specific blogs I want to write about more than one topic. This allows me to update one blog but requires structuring it to make it relevant to readers interested in specific topics. This is why there is a blog page and also specific topic pages that filter the articles by categories.

The primary topics I write about are…

Causes :: These articles are about people who are changing the world by living for a cause. I write about causes not only to share the amazing stories about the people whose life-saving work I have encountered, but also to get the word out about what they are doing. I want people to read these articles and to be inspired to make a difference either by joining hands with the cause or by doing something else for which they are inspired to take action.

Coffee :: I love coffee so occasionally I write about the best coffee houses and drinks that I encounter. I accomplish most of my writing in coffee houses at this stage in my life so coffee seems integrally tied to my interest in writing.

Culture :: I discovered a love for culture through travel. Breaking out of my own cultural shell to see the world opened my eyes to the cultural beauty outside of my own experience. Music, art and creativity are so inspiring that sometimes you have to stop and write about them to fully share your appreciation of these experiences.

Life :: Writing about life is a way of remembering and sharing significant experiences. This is a miscellaneous subject that does not fall neatly into one of the other categories.

Spirituality :: Writing about spirituality is a way of processing how life’s insights and experiences are shaping my spiritual journey. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and write from this perspective but I hope to engage thinking and seeking readers of all persuasions.

Travel :: Nothing inspires me to write more than travel. Something about living outside the range of normal day-to-day experiences inspires one to capture what is happening with a greater clarity than what is possible at home. I write about trips, people, places, and experiences I encounter through my various travels in my home country, the US, and abroad.

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